The Association

The Association of South Tyrolean Hiking Guides was founded in April 2016. The Association has developed from the former “Interest Group of South Tyrolean Hiking Guides”, which was part of the South Tyrolean Alpine Association for many years. The varied requirements made it necessary however, to found an independent, officially recognized association.

All of the seven members of the executive board have different responsibilities. Tasks include the management of members, taking care of the website, organising further education, cooperation in training for hiking guides, staying in contact with network partners, talking to politicians, and a lot more. The various activities are discussed during board meetings, and decisions have to be taken on a regular basis. The meetings are usually held at different places.

All board members work on a honorary basis. Some members however get travel reimbursement with a fixed price per kilometre by presenting the relative documentation.

Board members are elected during the course of the annual general meeting for the duration of three years. After the three years, each board member personally decides whether to stand for election again or not. Each member of the Association of South Tyrolean Hiking Guides may be nominated as a candidate for the election of board members. Candidates with the most votes have to accept election, before becoming a member of the board. Tasks are divided among the board members during the meetings following the election.

All other regulations, rights and obligations of the Association and its members are regulated in the Associations’ statute.